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Enterprise landing service description
Legal affairs: a) Company registration: Including franchise license, BOI application of foreign-funded enterprises, registration of resident representative offices, etc. b) Special approvals: application of various types of licenses and licenses; c) Registration of trademarks and patents; d) Visas: work Signing, business signing, pension signing, visas for special circumstances, etc.
Finance: Financial Advisor, Financial Planning, Financial Audit. The full Chinese accounting report will include the establishment of account books, production of accounting vouchers, production of detailed accounts, bookbinding, closing accounts at the end of the month, tax return at the end of the month, declaration of social security at the end of the month, and semiannual/annual tax returns.
Recruitment Headhunter: The most efficient Chinese recruitment platform in Thailand that all Chinese-owned companies in Thailand are using. Covers long-term, contractual, and temporary job openings. Long-term cooperation with a number of Chinese-funded enterprises.
Corporate training: professional training qualifications. To meet the talent needs of the enterprises in the ground, provide professional pre-employment and on-the-job training and related internal quality training, certification and other services.
Business translation: Chinese and English translations, Chinese translations, Chinese translations, and Thai translations. Part-time interpreting and document translation.
Venue Rental: office office, high-end villa, event venue, staff apartment rental


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